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Founded in 1975 with capital from Hong Kong, “Big Fair Industrial Ltd.” is a professional vessel developer with a long record of strength and experience. Each year, different types of vessels are built in large numbers and sold to countries all over the world. The Company also owns a fleet of offshore and harbour vessels with splendid results achieved. The head office of “Big Fair” is located in Hong Kong and its sub offices are established in Singapore and Guangzhou, China accordingly in order to expand its business. The Singapore sub office, “Vespac Pte Ltd”, is responsible for the management of the vessel fleet; the China sub office, “Eagle Marine Ltd. (Guangzhou)” is responsible for the design and supervision of the manufacture of vessels. The head office and the sub offices each do their bests from their own strong points and co-operate in order to boost up the business of the Company. Every year, not only does “Big Fair” build different types of vessels for Hong Kong and worldwide shipowners, it also builds vessels in large amounts on hand for sale. This is best demonstrated during 1992 to 1996 when the Hong Kong Government pursued and carried out the “Rose Garden Project” – building various infrastructure like the new “Chek Lap Kok” Airport and the container terminals in order to promote the Hong Kong economy. “Big Fair Industrial Ltd.” already had more than 260 vessels of various purposes built and sold to shipowners during such periods and played a supporting role of the development of Hong Kong infrastructures. The followings are the business scope of “Big Fair Industrial Ltd.”: 1.Building and selling various types of Port and Deep-Sea Vessels which are complied with international standard: A.International Deep-Sea Nozzle Tug & Unrestricted Area Barge; Ocean-going International Route Container Ship, Bulk Carrier, Multipurpose Freighter & Oil Tanker, Offshore International Route Deck Container Ship; Multipurpose Landing Craft, Large Flush Deck Ship; Trawler, Marine Oilfield Supply Ship and Marine Oil Platform Guard Ship, etc. B.Rotating Nozzle Port Tug; Z-Pellers Tug; Split Hopper Barge, Dredge Boat and Special Engineering Ship; Derrick Barge, Port Crane Vessel and Pilot Ship, etc. C.Steel Passenger Ship, and Fiberglass, Aluminum Alloy High Speed Traffic Boat and Passenger Boat. 2.Building different kinds of facility for maritime-petroleum project. Engaging in maritime-project facilities, equipment & spares import, export and transshipment business. 3.Dealing in charter and hire business on various ships and engaging in vessels-towing & port-berthing business in South China Sea and Middle East Gulf area. “Big Fair Industrial Ltd.” will adhere to the principal of “Professionalism, Excellent Product, Customer Focus, Quality Service and Continual Improvement” and always do its best to open up a new prospect in the ship industry.

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